Important Information

Tulane Lakeside Hospital is currently holding in-person prenatal classes; however, space is limited to allow for proper COVID safety precautions. Class registration is required. Please register online through our event calendar.

Babies…Some Instruction Required

Wouldn't it be nice if every pregnancy and every baby came with an easy-to-understand manual? The experts at Tulane Lakeside Hospital in Metairie, La., can help guide you through your pregnancy and your first few months with that new bundle of joy. From birthing class to breastfeeding to helping a big brother or sister adjust to a new baby, Tulane Lakeside is here for you!

Prenatal Classes include:

  • Coping with Confidence: Natural Childbirth
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Birth and Beyond
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Safe and Sound
  • Breastfeeding And The Working Mother
  • Super Siblings
  • Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Additional resources

The Newborn Channel: A trusted resource since 1992, the Newborn Channel provides engaging and relevant patient education from pregnancy through post-discharge. View The Newborn Channel videos and enter the Tulane Lakeside code: 03870.

You can find our classes listed on our calendar or find a full list of classes and dates on our brochure.

Class descriptions

Coping with confidence – A natural birth workshop

Don’t just read about natural birth! This class is designed to help you gain the skills and confidence needed to help you during labor. Through lecture, discussion, and hands-on practice, a variety of coping tools are reviewed including breathing patterns, relaxation, massage and positions for birth. We will also cover how to identify labor, the role of your birth partner, creating a birth plan and what to expect in postpartum. This class is recommended for all expectant families. Dress comfortably and bring a pillow.

There is a $175 per-couple fee for this workshop.

Classes are from 10:00am – 2:00pm on Saturdays.

Registration is required for this workshop. Call Erin Majorie, CCBE, DFB, CHBE at (713) 301-0882 for dates and further information.

Prenatal class series

These four free classes are held on Thursday nights from 6:00-8:00 pm in the Riverboat Room located on the first floor of Tulane Lakeside. Registration is required.

Welcome and introduction to Tulane Lakeside Hospital

This class reviews signs and symptoms of preterm labor, picking a pediatrician, pre-admit information, a tour of the hospital and an overview of hospital routines and guidelines.

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Birth and beyond

In this class we review stages of pregnancy, stages of labor, and types of anesthesia. Vaginal births and cesarean births are also discussed. Post-partum instructions after delivery are reviewed.

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Breastfeeding basics

In this class, the benefits of breastfeeding as well as the risks of formula feeding are discussed. Common challenges and recommendations are also reviewed.

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Safe and sound

Characteristics of the newborn are reviewed, as well as basic newborn care, safety, and newborn health. Before every class there is a free car seat safety check (from 5:30–7:00pm.)

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The following classes are not part of the prenatal class series. There is no fee for these classes.

Breastfeeding and the working mother

This class is offered four times a year. In this class we review breast pump selection, milk storage guidelines, as well as managing this important decision.

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Super siblings

This class is for children ages 4-9 years of age. Children attend with their parents and the role of big brother and big sister will be discussed. This class is offered on the following Tuesday nights at 6:30pm in the Riverboat Room, located on the first floor of Tulane Lakeside.

Registration is required for this class and may be done online or by calling (504) 780-4365.

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What to expect…for dads/support persons

Becoming a dad, forming a new family, supporting a new mom and caring for baby can seem like daunting tasks. This class will highlight the role of dads/support persons—including hands-on demonstrations of burping, diaper changing and swaddling the newborn. Soothing techniques will also be taught, as well as information on bonding, safety and communicating with relatives.

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Grandparenting 101

Grandma and grampa can get caught up on the new recommendations…some of which have changed since they took care of you! Encourage grandparents to come hear about the new wave of hospital maternity care such as Rooming-In, Skin to Skin, Exclusive Breastfeeding and Safe Sleep.

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Spanish prenatal class/clase prenatal en español

Por favor asiste esta clase para aprender como attender a su recién nacido, la lactación, la seguridad infantile, y que se puede esperar después de dar a luz. Se servirán refrescos. Se dará un premio pequeño. La clase es gratis. Todos están invitados.

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