The therapists in the pediatric outpatient rehabilitation program at Tulane Lakeside Hospital for Women and Children are focused on the day-to-day needs of your child. They use play in their therapy sessions to better communicate with and treat your child. Our therapists are trained to be more sensitive to the emotional, psychological and physical needs of children. They work as a team to develop a therapy plan that takes your child’s individual needs, strengths and weaknesses into account to allow him or her to reach maximum potential.

  • Speech therapy helps your child speak more clearly. The therapist supports your child’s progress while considering any disabilities or special needs like cleft lip, breathing disorders or a hearing impairment. Treatment typically includes demonstration and repeated practice.
  • Physical therapy is treatment designed to make daily activities easier for your child despite injuries or health problems. The goal of therapy is to increase or restore flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance and balance. Massage, education, exercise and other procedures like hot and cold applications or ultrasound are among the techniques used to improve your child’s quality of life.
  • Occupational therapy also focuses on helping your child be as independent as possible despite any limitations. Treatment can enhance your child’s ability to perform daily activities, play, learn and improve social and coping skills.

Although physical therapy and occupational therapy sound very similar, they are distinct specialties with different ways of approaching treatment. Physical therapy focuses on pain, strength and range-of-motion functions. Occupational therapy focuses on fine motor skills, visual perception and the way your child’s brain processes information. Both disciplines are vital for your child’s successful rehabilitation.

Teamwork for Your Child’s Development

The team approach and child-friendly environment at Tulane Lakeside Hospital for Women and Children can help your child reach goals through rehabilitation that are appropriate to his or her age and condition.

We work with your child to:

  • Promote daily living skills
  • Develop play skills
  • Improve fine motor and eye/hand coordination skills
  • Improve sensory processing skills
  • Improve language skills
  • Facilitate socialization
  • Improve balance and coordination skills
  • Promote achievement of developmental milestones

To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call our Tulane Pediatric Outpatient Clinic at (504) 780-4339.