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Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation

Our Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation program is comprised of Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists. Our goal is to improve the quality of everyday life for our young patients with developmental delays and special needs. Staff members work as a team to develop individualized therapy programs to optimize development and address rehabilitation. Our Pediatric Therapists incorporate play into therapy sessions and are trained to be more sensitive to the emotional, psychological and physical needs of children. Our team approach and child-friendly environment help children reach age-appropriate and condition-appropriate goals so that each child can reach his or her maximum potential.

Services and Treatments

  • Promoting daily living skills
  • Developing play skills
  • Improving fine motor and eye/hand coordination skills
  • Improving sensory processing skills
  • Improving language skills
  • Facilitating socialization
  • Improving balance and coordination skills
  • Promoting achievement of developmental milestones