Baby times two, three or more? We specialize in multiples and their moms.

Having more than one baby at a time can multiply the love and excitement — as well as the stress. Carrying twins, triplets or higher-order multiples also means you’ll need special care — more support while you’re pregnant, when you deliver your babies and after giving birth. Your babies also need specialized care. But relax. You can trust Tulane Lakeside Hospital in Metairie, La., to give all of you the right start.

If you’re having multiples, you can expect to see your doctor more often than you would if you were pregnant with just one baby. And your babies may be at a higher risk for low birth weight and for being born too early, both of which can lead to health issues.

We have the advanced physicians, expertise and technology to monitor and help ensure your health and your babies’, throughout your pregnancy and the birthing process. For instance:

  • Our specialized doctors are skilled and experienced in reducing risks for multiples and their moms.
  • You’ll have access to all the information and support you need to plan and prepare for childbirth and life with your babies. Support services include:
    • Breastfeeding support for more than one baby
    • Our well-baby nursery and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)are well equipped and experienced to provide the right level of care for your babies until they can go home.
    • We offer a dedicated antenatal unit for high-risk pregnancies. This unit is equipped to provide advanced care when complications arise, including those that are more common for women who are carrying multiples. It’s one reason healthcare providers from all over the New Orleans region trust Tulane Lakeside to care for women with high-risk pregnancies.

To find out more about our care for multiples and their moms, or any of our neonatal or women’s services, call us at (504) 780-8282 or email.